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EFRG-22A shredder
eps foam shredder
insulation rubber foam shredder
scrap foam glued with cloth shredder
flexible foam shredder
eva shredder
EFRG-30 shredder
packed scrap foam shredder
(heavy duty)

EFRG-22 shredder
convey belt flexible shredder
EFRG-1.5 shredder
small shredder
shredder spareparts
EFFB-1.5 blower
flakes & bead blower (1.5kw/2HP)
flakes & bead blower (tri-out or in mouth))
EFV-5.5 vacuum
vacuum / sucker for foam cutting machine ( high duty tri-mouth)
Filling machine
foam flakes / bead cushion & bag filler


What is foam?
What is Polyurethane foam?
What is visco memory foam?
What is Styrofoam?
What is EPS foam?
What is XPS foam?
What is EPP foam?
What is PE foam?
What is retardant foam?
How to buy fire fighting foam?
How to produce mattress?
Mattress spring
Welcome to (EPS) Styrofoam Shredder

Shredder: apply for both polyurethane flexible foam & rigid foam , rubber foam insulation pipe ,also hard materials ,such as EVA, eps foam, Styrofoam, pe foam ,and foams or rubbers similar nature as above listed materials .

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EFRG-22A Front opening: 23" x 17 " bead size: any size with different screen size from0.079 inch to 1.38 inch
Capacity: The EFRG-22A Foam shredder will shred
ó┘Shredding EPS foam from 97kg to 140kg/hour ( 213LB to 308LB/hour) ,
ó┌Shredding flexible foam(sofa or mattress foam) from 180kg/hour to 250kg/hour (396LB/hour to 550LB/hour )
ó█Shredding eva foam (like slipper pad ) from 95kg/hour to 140kg/hour ( 209LB to 667LB/hour)
Have lots of unused above foams? Need to get rid of it or easy storage?
Keep it green with recycling your EPS foam.
The shredded material can be used to mix with cement, place in
beanies babies - or other toys and even Bean Cushion EFRG-22A is heavy duty all round shredder , besides , eps , it's also can shred both polyurethane rigid foam and flexible foam ,eva foam, rubber foam insulation, paper,PE foam ,and some the same nature foams .


waste eps foam
top open
blow out
like fake snow
bean bag




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